27.04 SWITZERLAND, Einsiedeln, The Black Madonna

‘Follow your heart and what brings you joy, what makes you really excited. Don’t focus too much on the places outside, but focus on the places inside that make you happy. Do you understand that if you get too entangled in the outer world, you miss the point, literally. The point is inside, but it’s reflected in the outside world. You can use the outside world to come to this inner realisation, this inner joy or inner enlightenment. So whatever helps you to come to this place is supportive.’

(Ton: ‘If feel the Black Madonna…’)

‘I am the unseen. I’m the great feminine. I’m depicted as a Black Madonna but I am the Great Goddess of Switzerland as I used to be venerated by its people long time before this civilisation. I’m connected to the nature world. The druids of old times were celebrating my rebirth in this time of year. When the darkest of days were there and everything went into a cycle of death, it was I, who brought life back to the world.

Use my power, which turns darkness into gold, which turns death into birth and life. It turns evil into goodness. It is through my womb, the womb of the dark matter, that life will return on the surface of the earth. Open the gates of the yoni to enter into the treasure hall of the feminine. It is into the ground you go. Down into the ground before you go to the highest top. Go down, go down, because that will give the strength and the power to rise.’


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