06.30 EGYPT, Cairo, The Mystery of Time

‘I am the mystery, the mystery of time. Time is running out. You will experience a new concept of time, a deeper dimension of time, by being in the eternal now. This is where your power is, the power of manifestation, the power of the heart. By connecting with each other and with the heart of this land you will unravel the mystery of time. You will understand that everything that happened in history is happening right now, and that everything that will happen in the future, is happening right now. Every change that you make will change both the past, the present and the future.

Call upon Maat, goddess of justice, and upon Ptah, god of truth, to focus your intentions on the zero point. That one point which contains everything, which is the sacred center, which encompasses the whole universe. You will travel through time and space to find this center inside of you and outside of you. It is the seat of Ra, the sun god, and Aton.

Welcome to the land of the gods and the goddesses. Realize your own value, both in your perfection and imperfection, they are both one. Trust that every step you take is contributing to this quest of the grail, to bring the sacred feminine back into society. Aho.’

(nov. 2019)

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