06.41 EGYPT, Saint Catherine, Asset Nibru

Tuning into the energies at the Saint Catherine Monastery.

‘I am Asset Nibru, high priestess of the temple of Hathor, the House of Horus. I am here to assist you. We’ve been waiting a long time for your coming here. I am from the ancient kingdom, our tradition is from the ancient kingdom of Egypt, and we were here long before ancient civilisation started. We communicated in the way you communicated right in this moment, through the heart, which doesn’t have space and time. So you have been opening up as a group to listen to these inner realms, so you can hear us.

This was a different place in the ancient days. It was much greener and it was one of the places that we came to from another dimension, another place, to arrive on earth and to start seeding humanity. The world was in the days of infancy, everything was pure and the blue planet was a true paradise. We want you to recall, to remember, who you are, where you came from, your origin. This is so important, that you realise that you are the descendents of this race that came to planet earth in the first place. You are you could say our children. While planet earth is going through this transition time of change and upheaval, the only way forward is to remember why we came here. Your mission. We were here at this very place in front of you to keep the traditions, to keep the records of history. We did that in an energetic form, we used stones to engrave information. When you opened up to the stones you would get all the information back.

You’ve been talking about precious stones, because all the different precious stones keep different information that resonates with your own wisdom, that helps you to remember your own wisdom and the colour of your essence, the colour of your being. There are blue beings, there are green beings, there are red beings, there are many colours, and each colour, each tribe has its own contribution to creation. So we stored that wisdom inside the temple in front of you, which looked different. It wasn’t that big, but it was very powerful and a very energetic place. We or you lost that high frequency of being, and that’s why we are here to help you to remember it. It was still alive in the time of the pharaos, in the temples of Egypt, and then it slowly died down, as it was foreseen in the great span of time.

And now here you are at this lowest point, where our consciousness is very dense and separated. So it’s very difficult to connect to the source. But you are doing this, you who have been coming here are connecting to the source inside of you, and you heard the call of your soul. Now you’re here in front of the temple to read the scripts, the books that are engraved, both in your souls and in this place. Because inside is outside. As above so below.

So if there is any question that you would like to ask us, just put it forward.’

What do we have to do, how can we be of service?

‘Leave everything behind that you know. Forget the stories and open up to this other reality. Because it’s behind the story that you will get in contact with this true beingness, which you can perceive in the stillness, in the silence. Because the silence is full of this energy, that is permeating your soul, which is speaking to you directly. The stories might help you to get there, but sometimes you get lost in the stories. You make the stories real or in stone or in books or in religions, and that’s where you lose the essence. You cannot hear the voice directly through your heart. So in a way you have to lose your mind to hear your heart. What I am saying is: the stories are not wrong but they are only a method, a way to get to the essence, the pureness of beingness itself. Your mission here is to open up and to receive, to receive the power of being, to receive yourself, to remember your greatness. So while you’re opening up towards the others, opening up to this area and opening up to yourself, there’s this huge download of remembrance. You become like the vessel to receive that as a group and to pass it on and go out into the world and share it to other people.

Is there anything else?

I see a temple structure here, outside the Catharine monastery, can you say something about it?

‘The place we inhabited was partly physical, partly energetic, because we were still in contact with the other dimensions. We built first an energetic structure and then later it was solidified into stones, into a couple of temples here. Like I said, they were not so big, but they resemble the Egyptian temples. We passed on a lot of information to the Egyptian culture. We as the women were leading the place, but there were also men involved. Serving and helping to hold the space for us to be able to do our work and connect to the higher realms of being. Just like you are doing.

So the main information is stored in the mountain. If you project your heart out into the mountain, I will take you to the core, to the inner temple, where you will see a stone. Just look at the stone and see its colour and its energy, because that is your heart stone. It’s the stone we pass on to you to work with. You can place it in your heart or in your womb. It will help you connect to this higher realm of your own soul.

Is there any other question before we finish?’

Is this place still a portal? I feel a very strong connection with a higher dimension. It’s not only in the monastery, but in the complete surroundings.

‘As was told this was the holy valley, so it’s not only the buildings, but it’s the area and by your coming here there is a next stage of opening up and remembering the ancient portal or vortex of energy. So that’s why it’s so important that you came, to assist us in becoming more transparant and make a doorway between dimensions. Just like it happened in the ancient times, when Moses was here and his people. He connected to that same source of information and wisdom and passed it on to his people.

Of course it gets distorted through time, that’s not a problem actually, because you will come back again and again to listen to the source. This is a time to resource and see and listen to the voice in your own heart. Just as we said before, leave behind all the stories, everything you know. It is not that important. It’s important who you are, that you are here and that you are a vessel for the divine. This is how human beings are supposed to be, a creative vessel, a manifestation of the divine source in an earthly form. The more you are in contact with that divine source, the more you become who you are. You are who you are. I am that I am. Which may remind you that you are connected to everything, because the source manifests in everything around you.

That’s it for the moment. We are very happy to be of assistance and to connect to you through this medium, but know that the real connection is inside of you. It’s not through this voice, that is just a way of connecting, but the connection is deeper in your own soul being.’

(Sinai, Saint Catherine, May 2021)

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