06.42 EGYPT, Saint Catherine, The Fifth Gospel

Tuning into the Sinai and Saint Catherine’s Monastery, with Anne, Marcel and Monique.

‘There is a fifth gospel waiting to be revealed. In the Bible you have the four gospels: Luke, John, Matthew and Marcus. But within these four gospels there is a fifth element, a fifth gospel of love. It is a power to be released, uniting all the four different stories, the four different corners into a fifth one, a synergy. It is through an alchemical process of bringing the four together that the fifth will open up and bring light into the darkness.

It’s the power of the future, because this fifth gospel is the gospel of the future, for the future to come. That’s why it hasn’t been released yet and it waiting, in the middle of the desert. It talks about future development, future communities, future generations. Just like the story of Enoch talked about this time, this new gospel will talk about the eons to come. It’s the story that you will decode, with your bodies, with your dna, by being there. It is not something that can be understood mentally for a while, but when you open it, there will be a huge release of energy of healing light, that people are waiting for. It is much stronger than an atom bomb or healing principle, because it is coming directly from the highest source, from the center of the galaxy, as a message, as a thunderbold, an explosion of light, into human consciousness. Creating a new light language, that will open up the slumbering parts of the brain.

Everyone will be connected through this light, and everyone will realize they are a part of the whole, which they might call God, or the Messiah. It’s a promise of this light, the return of this light, that will be like the big bang, a moment of creation, of creative power, that will be a point zero in time.

Prepare, empty yourself, ground in your bodies and let go of the mind, because you won’t be able to understand it, you’ll just have to go through it. Surrender to the power that is given to the four of you, to open up this grail, this fifth gospel, the gospel of love.’

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