07.11 PALESTINA, Qumran, Opening the Gates of the Feminine Mystery

Question of a woman on the site of Qumran: ‘Is it true that I lived here as an Essene woman, and that I was punished for being too passionate, too free a woman?’

‘Thank you for asking the question, for it is a very important one. Because this place where you are sitting, is about opening de womb, opening the vagina, opening the gates of the feminine mystery. This is so sacred and so intimate, and you are very aware of it. There is a tremendous power behind this and you are here to help unlock this power.

So let me tell you first that there is nothing wrong. You took upon you the task of closing the treasures, closing the feminine secrets and your body still remembers this: that you were holding the space and closing it, so it couldn’t be found by others. This was to protect the feminine from invasion, from outer forces.

When your partner, J., came back here, he actually put the first key in to unlock these treasures, this hidden knowledge of the feminine. He could do it, because he was one with you. And you are playful enough to unlock the secrets of the wisdom. Now you are here again and actually you can open the gates of consciousness of the sacred feminine within your own body, just the way as you once locked it up. You are conjugating together with Judith Moore and the other women here to let the flow of energy go forth into the world, into the great womb of the Dead Sea.

Acknowledge your power, lady, acknowledge who you are. Acknowledge that you are in touch with this great secret, hidden within you. There is nothing to be ashamed of, there is nothing to hide any more, there is nothing to run away from. There is nothing wrong, nor in the present, nor in the past, it just was. Can you understand that, can you give yourself credit instead of punishment for what you did? You took upon you a task which was hard and difficult. By acknowledging what you did, you are able to release it and let go.

Can you see that it is about your self image, that you can let go of your small self image, that maybe has done something wrong. But that is the wrong image, you have to see the bigger picture of being who you are. Stand in your greatness, Queen H.!

So what we would like you to do, is to connect with three women and four men, representing the seven gates of consciousness. When they open the seven gates – you here and your other relatives in Jerusalem – then the crystal seed of the Messiah can manifest. This is what the Essenes wrote about, when they were talking about the end of the world, the end of time, when the Messiah would return. It is the fulfilment of the human being: when you glance yourself of your small image, of the image of yourself as being fearful, inadequate, not being able to love or to stand in your greatness, if you can let go of this smaller image, than the full Christ consciousness can be revealed within yourself. Because it is not something outside of you, the Christ is inside of you. It is waiting here, it is sleeping to be kissed awake. And it is exactly who you are. It is not somebody different, it is somebody that you already are.’


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