07.05 PALESTINA, Dead Sea, 10.000 BC

‘Around 10.000 BC we came here and lived in this great and wonderful valley, called Amon Muru, meaning: coming from the Motherland of Mu. We lived in contact with nature and we communicated with nature all the time. It taught us the basic lessons of life and it sustained us in a very gentle way. We had a little bit of agriculture, but most of it came from the trees and the land itself, the fruits, the grains, berries, but also small animals.

We knew the way of our ancestors who had lived in the great times before our civilization.

We had memories and recordings of the ancient times of Atlantis and Mu, which we wanted to preserve for future generations, knowing that it would be difficult, because there weren’t many of us left over after the great floods. So we had to start very simply, very small. But we knew that life is never lost. Life will find its way. So we wrote down what we knew and we stored our knowledge in the stones. This is the information that is stored here, around the Dead Sea, but also in the big stone under the Dome.

By listening to water, to wind, to rock, to animals, to trees, we got information about how to live and how to eat. How to make love, how to die. We were still very much in contact with the soul of everything, the Great Mother soul, while we let ourselves also be guided by Father Spirit. These two where our basic references to live by.

Later on the whole connection with the Earth, with Mother Nature and the Mother Soul, has been lost. But without her you cannot continue life on Earth. She is most important in your survival and you have to nourish her and take care of her. Not again by solving the problems that I hear today, but by listening to her, by respecting her, by acknowledging her wisdom, acknowledging that she is your mother that sustains you. Without this respect she can only shrink and become worn out. You have to go down to your parents, Father Sky and Mother Earth, in order to live a valuable life.

So if we can give you advice for the things to do, it is not to come with solutions, but to come with an open heart and open ears and open eyes. Just listen and see, and the things that are needed to be done will just appear in front of your own feet. You don’t need to make any plans, nor look ahead very far, that is already taken care of.

Is there anything you would like to know?’

So I can start in the centre and go with the flow?

‘Yes, because each time that you listen to this quietness of the centre, out of that the first step will follow, and then the next step. It’s an organic process, creation is an organic process, it’s not a mental process. A mental process is actually something that you do in hindsight, after things have happened. You can look back and reflect, and than the mental qualities are very handy to make conclusions.

We give you this advice because we didn’t take it ourselves. At one moment in our civilization, when we grew bigger and more powerful, we wanted to reach the gods. We wanted to reach the height of the gods and we abused our powers. We became so smart in the way we created life that we became too arrogant. The form you see in front of you is like the Tower of Babel. This story comes from our civilisation, that existed from the north till the south. But we were thrown down from our tower of arrogance and most of our people didn’t understand each other anymore. They got all into small tribes that started war with each other, and thus the separation started. This was the time when Abraham came over here and started a new faith, but his was one of the many small tribes. This separation between all the different people, different languages, is going on till the day of today, till the day of the ending times. Which we knew would come, but it would take many thousands of years.

It is now the apex of all duality, the climax of confrontation; even walls and fences are being built through the land. People don’t understand each other anymore, because they have forgotten the language of the heart. It is time to come together, to honour the parents, like we said, Mother Earth and Father Sky, because in this respect you will find your universal language again, and find a way to live in peace.’


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