07.27 PALESTINA, Jericho, Turning of the Wheel of Dharma

‘My dear, dear friends. This is a message for all who have been involved in the turning of the wheel of consciousness. This is the wheel of dharma, that once in 2000 years is activated for a next stage in evolution. It is done by all the great masters who have come to earth to turn the wheel and start a new phase in evolution. Together you have opened all the seals, all the codes in yourself and on planet Earth so this could happen. It was like a huge family constellation of masters, of lightworkers, of evolved beings, who gave their commitment and all their energy to connect with each other and to connect with the heart of Mother Earth. And thus the higher consciousness could find its way through you into this planet, into the grid of planet Earth.

So now it is a process that this energy is reaching the core, and from there will emanate again and manifest in a larger field of consciousness for all of humanity. So the ripples of the work you have done are still being felt. This is what is meant by leaving your footprint. Because by what you have done all together, you have left a mark on this planet, you have left a footprint. Meaning to say that you marked your time being here on the planet, by doing this ritual all together. In former times it was one master with his disciples that activated this ritual. Now you have done it with a large group of people. All becoming masters of their own.

This is what is counting for the new time of Aquarius, that you all take your own mastership, independent of each other, but still connected through the heart. Don’t worry about the details or the outcome. All is arranged within the higher mind of God. You need time to rest and to let the energy settle down within your physical body. Soon enough there will be new projects to come forth, like China, like Peru, to connect the extreme masculine and the extreme feminine. For now what has been done has been done. And it is good. Make it a celebration tomorrow night. When the sun is at its highest point and the days are longest. Time to reflect and to party under the stars.’


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