07.36 PALESTINE, Jericho, The Healing Conference

Tuning into the theme of the next Healing Conference in Jericho.

‘Explosions of light. The living source emanates from the beyond, from an energetic field that is rooted in the Middle East, and brings out all that is beneath the surface: the light and the dark. And it is in the meeting of the two that creation takes place, without judgement, without plan, without preconceived ideas. The gate will open and paradise be regained.

Enter the state of immortal love which is at the basis of all life. You are the two holding open the gates, so many people and many collective fields can move through. Connecting Jericho and Jerusalem. And a third place… it is about this third place, the red place, where the new energy comes in to the Healing Conference. It brings in a new aspect.’


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