07.37 PALESTINE, Jericho, Aba Ben Joseph

Tuning into the port city of Caesarea, where the crusaders used to be. Before that it was a Roman City, rebuilt by Herodes.

‘My name is Aba Ben Joseph, I am, you could say, a Christian Jew from the 12th century. I studied all the books, because it’s all written down, all the prophecies that we collected from the ancient times. We had many trades here in books and knowledge, wisdom coming from both the Far East and the south of Egypt. So I collected that all; old maps and books and writings from ancient times, and all of these ancient texts about the prophesy of the Messiah. That’s what I was interested in, because we knew the times would change.

When the crusaders came, we knew they were looking for the same thing. They had their Messiah, but they knew about the coming of the Messiah. When they came, around the year 1000, they were looking for the Messiah, because they knew their time was ending. It didn’t, because time went on, just as it goes in your time when you will go on. But still, there is this prophecy. And it contains secrets that have to be revealed. It’s about the grail, looking for the grail.

All the distractions – that’s what happened to us as well, there was so much fighting and stuff going on that we couldn’t concentrate on what was really the essence of our stay here in Israel, the holy land. But we wanted to come back to this place. That’s what we always said for thousand of years and more, and now in your time. Over two thousand years, we would come back to study the old books, to study the old texts. And part of these texts is that we would come back to this land, it’s part of the prophecy. Because when we come back, the Messiah can come to the holy city of Jerusalem, the city of peace.

So with you… You have to do it. Open the gate. Tell the people about this prophecy, because they are sceptic, they lost the tradition. They think it’s a fairytale, but it isn’t. It is something that is very real. It was coming from ancient times, not only from the times of the Bible, but long before that. In the books of Enoch, they talk about the Messiah coming. When the world is in turmoil – as it was in our time, there was a lot of turmoil, but in your time it’s even worse. So tell them about this Messiah. Because it is not a person, it is not something very concrete. It is a concept, it is a theory, it is what we carried as Jews, which is the wisdom of this Kingdom of Gods… This heart energy coming into the world, that you all have to practice. You have to wake up to the heart.

But I told it so much in vain to all the pilgrims here. They don’t listen. They are just stupid, they want to see the stones. The stones are nothing. It’s the knowledge behind it. It’s the wisdom in the stones, the wisdom in the water, the wisdom from the sea.

It’s like the Queen of Sheba; she came here to get to know the treasures of King Solomon. What she found was the heart. She fell in love. It’s all about the love story. When you fall in love, you find the real treasure. That it’s about you and somebody else that you connect with. But within this love two kingdoms came together: the kingdom of the South and the kingdom of the North. So they merged. And through this blood connection, this love connection, the holy treasures, the holy knowledge of the sacred feminine, Shechinah, was brought to this land, was acknowledged again. Which Salomon understood at the end of his life. That it was her, who was bringing him all this wisdom. He didn’t know how to bow down to her and they were separated again. But it was in their meeting that the sacred union took place, the sacred union between the Lemurian and the Atlantean wisdom. Because it is in this connection – in this connection of things that are different from yours, from your perception, and the connection between the duality, the two poles of the paradox – that there is the moment of creation.

Do you get what I am saying? Read between the lines. Tell the people to wake up, tell them it’s the time. This is the message I give you. This is the message which I studied for my whole life, in order to pass it on to you, so you could perform and forfill the prophecy that was stored here for thousands of years.’

(Jericho, 29/04/2015)

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