07.39 PALESTINE, Jericho, Mount Carmel, Mountain of God

In the kibbutz of Shahram Hakim with Joni, tuning into the Mount of Carmel.

‘Carmel is the Mountain of God. A place of vision and a place of telling truth, as it has been in the old days. Many times people who were visionaries came to this place for saints, to tune into the words of God, to find direction, to listen to the inner voice. This has been happening through the ages. Each time a new, people will separate themselves from their community, follow a lonely path and listen to the voice of God or Goddess inside themselves. In ancient times when the Mother Goddess was venerated under the names of Ashra or Ishtar or many other names, these high places on mountains were sought to open up and to do the rituals, to tune into these other vibrations.

We talk about this because you are doing the same at this moment. After this workshop of men and women, you open up a field of wisdom, so you can listen to the inner voice, to find your own directions in life. Because it is through the personal steps in your life that the universal truth is again revealed. It takes people with courage and heart and wisdom to show the new way, to make a new beginning. So other people can see a new horizon. This is what the Jewish people have always been doing: remembering there is a God, remembering there is a voice to listen to, which directs the steps and the lives and culture of people, and to take it into consideration, to take it seriously.

In this moment there is this need again to listen to the Elohim. It doesn’t matter which image or name you give them, it is about this higher intelligence which you are part of. You’re just children or the image of this Higher Being, which is part of you, and you incorporate this Higher Being into your own body. By heightening the frequency of your physical body, you open up to the spirit of who you are. This means letting go of all your old stories, of all your old ideas and all of your identifications, to really reach for this higher level of being. So you become the Gods.

Shahram Hakim, the gate, is the gate into the valley, but on a symbolical level it is the gate to the paradise. You are here to find your own paradise on Earth, to find a place where you can come home to. So your children will remember that you made this step, that you listened to God or Goddess, to show you the way. They will remember you in tales and stories. But it takes your courage to make this step. Being on your own together with your women, to move to a different land, to different pastures.’


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