07.41 PALESTINE, Jericho, The Divine Feminine and Masculine

Tuning in to the trip, on the first night with Yonatan in Tel Aviv, Harar-el, Mountain of God.

‘This is a message for the four of you and with those four I mean you two as the main ones, but also your women are tuned into this process that you are going through. Both male and female energies are needed in this opening of the gate. So divine energy can come, through entering the earthly realms. So you are really working together the four of you, all of you tuning into the deepest core of your soul, being guided by these energies of the divine female and divine masculine.

It is always like this: that through the coming together of these polar energies the new can arise. Coming out of the ocean of time is a very ancient concept of transfiguration, changing old patterns, destroying the old to make room fort the new. It is this storm of change and the power of it that you feel coming. It asks a deep surrender of all of you, to let go of your personal stories, to let go of the patterns that you know that are ingrained in your family system, and to become truth instruments of divine love. Which is not personal, but very intimate and universal at the same time. It’s relating to each other from the soul level and enacting, incorporating this on the physical level, on the earthly plane. So you become a model, an example of divine feminine and divine masculine.

This is how creation started, this is how paradise was created. By human beings opening up to this divine energy. This is the process you are in for this coming few weeks, so we bless you. This first time is a time of purification, letting go and surender. Do not hurry towards the result. It is a long process, because the powers are equally great, and they need a preparation for this ritual of uniting, of the sacred marriage.

I see a flower opening, a white flower, similar love, universal Christ. And I see a red flower, symbol of Mary Magdalene.’


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