07.40 PALESTINE, Jericho, Mountain of Transfiguration

‘It’s on the Mountain of Transfiguration that you will receive information about the work you can do with the men. Originally it was the Mountain of the Goddess, with a temple dedicated to her, to Ishtar or Ashra. But it was forgotten for a long time. Until the priestesses of this time, young women and wise women, have re-dedicated, re-initiated this temple or place. So you might want to go there, to honour the Goddess and to receive and ask for her help and support. It is the mountain and the lake, they are always connected. They are the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end.

It is just about going with the flow. It is like opening your hand. As if you have held something in your hand, as a fist, but then it takes relaxation to open it up, just to let things develop by itself. It doesn’t mean you don’t do anything, it is just moving, it is a kind of a free movement. Yes, follow the impulse. Follow the impulse of the soul and it will lead you to the places where you are needed, where you will get your information. So it is really like a dance. You have to let yourself be guided by your partner, who is dancing with you. In another place but doing the same movement, leading you, taking you by the hand. So you need to be flexible, just let yourself move, as if you go through water and waves. You move with the waves and that will show you the way, it is kind of playful.

The old energy is very much about holding on to what you know is right, to what is well-known. But you have to step out of that matrix, out of that matrix of your identity, of your culture or of your religion, because it is just above that, beyond that – while it still acknowledges and honours all these fields of the past. But it moves on, it uses it like a surfer. You surf from the time and the space.’


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