07.44 PALESTINE, Jericho, The Restoration of the Tree of Life

Tuning into the next Healing Conference with Agnes.

‘This is all about the Tree of Life, the living Kabbalah and the restoration of the Tree of Life. Because through this restoration, the Kingdom of God can appear on earth. All the fragments and distractions and pain and suffering of the last few years can reach its fulfillment, its healing, when this high frequency creates a wholeness in the human body and through the human body into the earth. It’s like an impregnation – an impregnation of the highest order – of soul energy, into the womb of Mother Earth. That’s why it is very important that a lot of women who can hold the space for this womb, for this sacred room, be present, as an instrument of love. So this infusion can take place of this pure God particle, this insemination of the divine order of Christ coming into the manifestion on the earthly plane. After your preparation of the last thirteen years, in which all these processes have been preparing for this moment.

All the pain and suffering is part of the birth contractions of the birth of the Christ consciousness. Since this is a spiritual process that takes place through humans, through the human body, through men and women, you need to be very clear on a human level as well. You need to nourish each other, you need to nourish your bodies, you need to nourish the physical part, so that the spiritual can really connect to this physical plane. There’s not something higher or lower; it’s a marriage between the soul and the body. So honour each other for your humanity, for your vulnerability, because in accepting your human nature, accepting your personality and your personality disorders, this high frequency can really be embraced and honoured. So it is all about connecting with each other, opening up, to create the womb for the Seed of Life to be planted, so the Tree of Life can be restored.

Call all the lightworkers that have a connection with this soul work, from the different tribes, different religions. So all the thirteen aspects are represented in the Circle of Life. So the Flower of Life can blossom. The Tree of Life can be restored and the Water of Life can be given to all of mankind.’


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