07.51 PALESTINE, Jericho, Preparing HC 13, Involving the Whole World

Tuning into the energies just before the beginning of the 13th Healing Conference. With Annelies, Stijn and Anita.

‘The process you’re going through will involve the whole world. You are like the needle that effects the whole body. So everything you do, every little detail, every sign, every event that takes place is enlarged a thousand times and even more. So it takes a lot of consciousness and awareness and integrity and a lot of love and compassion for everything you do. Because it’s in this smallness of this process, of the intimacy of your own process, that the whole world is aligning too. As within, so without. But this is actually now on a very big scale. Whatever you do internally, happens in the group, happens in the whole world. So this is not to make your egoes big or to give you this extra burden, but just to encourage you to take very good care of yourself. To really nourish yourself and do what is good for your body, do what is good for your soul and for your heart.

We are here with you to guide this process and to be fully available to all of you that are connecting in this magical and sacred ritual of the coming five days. Hold the space. Because millions are travelling with you in spirit.

You are the eye in the storm, the heart of the tornado. Be well, in the broadest sense of the word and know there is full support from the angelic realms, from the masters of Shambala and from the ones guiding the evolutionary process of humankind. Blessings.’


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