07.53 PALESTINE, Jericho, From Separation to Oneness

‘It is from the void – from the source – that everything comes into existence. If you go beyond time and space you will find this other dimension of creation. We would like to bring you there. To remember. To remember who you are and to remember what your mission is on this planet. Because you are reincarnated with this specific purpose.

After a long process of 26.000 years going away from the source, you are now at a tipping point of transformation: going back to the source. It is within this timeframe in history that many people start to be awakened, start to feel the longing to go back to the source. Out of despair and duality, out of war, out of torture, out of forgetfulness of who you are, comes this new longing to connect again with the divine inside of you and outside of you. Because you are divine, divine feminine and divine masculine.

Throughout this process of reincarnation, you forgot where you came from. So this is a gentle reminder to go back to the source, to drink from the water of life and to plant the Tree of Life in the garden. So the earth will become once again the place it is destined to be.

Now this whole process is just as it was meant to be. There is nothing wrong, even if you think it is. It is part of the divine plan of bringing more light into the darkest corners of consciousness. So look to these dark corners, these blind spots inside yourself, to bring light to it, so they will start to shine. Where do you hold back your own divinity? Where do you deny your own leadership? By having the courage to go into the unknown, you will realize that everything was and is one. By looking into the separation, you will find oneness.’


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