07.55 PALESTINE, Jericho, Opening the Door

Tuning into the 14th Healing Conference, with Annelies. Annelies hears: just continue.

‘The 14th Healing Conference is about opening the door to a new era. Like Jesus opened the door in his time to the era of Pisces, of a period of 2000 years, you are both opening the door to the age of Aquarius. The age of brother- and sisterhood, of global brother- and sisterhood, where men will realise that they are all part of one big family, and that they are children of the Great Mother and the Great Spirit.

In this deepest place on earth you lay the seeds for this new human race. This human race of all colours, of all religions, of all nationalities and of all ages, of all directions. What you send out comes back to you a thousand times. Connecting all these different places all around the world into this focal point of energy in the womb of the Great Mother. You are like the sperm going towards the egg, to fertilize it, so new life can bloom and flourish.

Again it is not in the numbers that you win, but in the intention and the quality of your work. So don’t be worried about the result. Just follow the steps, one by one. To be there, to hold the flame, the flame of love. It will attract the right people. You don’t need to do a lot. Just keep the intention alive, so people know how to find a road towards the centre of this labyrinth. You have the key to the door. Keep it well and enjoy. This is your task: to enjoy what you’re doing and reap the fruits of the work you have been doing in all these years.’


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