07.59 PALESTINE, Jericho, A New Dawn, a New Day

‘There’s a new dawn, there’s a new day. All that has passed is gone and an empty page is before you. It is with this energy of Christ, this higher vibration of light and love, that everything that has been dark, has been erased. The seed has been planted and it only needs time to grow and blossom and to give fruits, throughout the ages. Because you were beyond time and space, this will be felt by many generations to come, because you’ve changed the blueprint of the matrix on the deepest level. Going beyond right and wrong, light and dark, to bring love. Because love is the prime mover of the universe, it’s the prime mover of human existence. From this love, which you may call God or Goddess, everything starts to exist. And it is only through co-creation, through the coming together of human souls, that this God-particle can be released within human existence, within the three-dimensional world. It takes your effort, your devotion and your connection to each other, to make this happen.

Many people will feel at this moment, at this very moment, the awakening of their souls. This is what has been done before, in several cultures, several times in history, so humankind can go on to the next level.

So honour yourself, honour the path that you chose and that has lead you to this point, being in complete service of the divine. Being in total surrender to that which needs to happen, which is in service of the greater good of all humankind.

This is the crown entering the kingdom, heaven on earth. Keter and Malchut becoming one. So breath through all the cells in your body, from your feet to your crown, from your feet to your hands, and enlighten all these cells with the power of love. Enlightening all the cells of your body – healing, healing old scars and wounds, because they have never been truly there. They were all part of an illusion, of a dream. The moment you wake up to your divine essence, you know that everything has been a dream, and that your soul purpose in being here, and has been to wake up and help others to wake up. Because You and I are one. There’s only oneness.’

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