09.07 ITALY, Siena, Living from the Heart

‘The biggest obstacle to human development is the idea, the mindset, that we have to suffer to earn our daily living. Due to the fact that many people believe that they have to work hard they cannot live fully from the heart. The mind says you have to suffer en diminish yourself and thus people cannot live from their heart. If you would live from the heart, life would be much easier. Everything would fall into place and come by itself in accordance with Great Spirit, but since man has fallen from consciousness and lost this connection with the Great Spirit, they think they have to do a lot, work a lot, to survive. This isn’t really the case, but the mindset of this suffering is very strong and is very difficult to change. It takes a lot of trust to open up and release this very ancient dogma of suffering. End of transmission.’

(Sant’Ambrogio, Chiesa San Michele, 27/07/09)

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