09.08 ITALY, Sovana, Triple Goddess, Selma, Sandra, Raya

‘Good morning, in this valley of beauty and wisdom and power. We are very happy that you came here to this homeland of the Goddess with the two tails. Selma, the priestess who initiates people into their own being and brings them in contact with the energy of the Mother, of the Great Mother. Sandra, you are the warrior of the Amazone, serving the Great Mother with art, with movement, with integrity. And you, Raya, the young one, the virgin. With the three of you you form the triple Goddess, three generations.

You are on the brink of initiation into your own womanhood, going from girl towards a full grown woman and learning all the aspects of sacred womanhood. Because this is what you are all about, to honour the sacred in women, in nature and in life. So the combination of you, of the three of you, form a completeness, in which the essence of the Goddess can manifest itself on an earthly plane. Know that it is not by coincidence that you are brought together to learn from each other.

So what we would like to ask you is to really express your role in this little group of people. Take your position. Don’t be shy, don’t hold back bringing your piece of the puzzle, because it is really important that you do. Don’t shy away, thinking you are not worthy or you are not ready yet or you are not strong enough. You are completely perfect. So you may just take your place in honouring the feminine.

This is about you and we will talk more about it later, but first we want to say something about this area in which you are working these couple of days. This area has always been a place of battle. A battle between the forces of freedom – and freedom means spiritual freedom, artistic freedom, sexual freedom, freedom of living. There have been many people, artists, esoteric people, fighters for expression, for real life. And at the same time there have been forces of let’s call it darkness, that have tried to suppress people, that have tried to put them in a box with rules, with regulations, with laws, with fear, with violence.

So it is this archetypal battle beween light and dark, between freedom and oppression, that has always been around this holy, sacred place from time immemorial and again this is a battle happening on several layers of dimensions. You are all involved in this battle more than you think you are. And for you, Raya, this will be the battle of your whole life. You will always have to choose between freedom, between expressing yourself, taking your position, standing up and giving voice to deep values of being completely yourself – and the system, that is slowly becoming stronger these days, that wants to turn people into robots, you could say, with all sorts of means, technology, politics. It is a whole system.

It is the archetypal battle between the individual and the system. So it is important to notice, because then you know what you are working with, and that it is not a free ride. You have to do something and you have to be active and conscious and aware of what you are doing and what you need to do. Because it will be a fierce battle and the only weapons you will have are joy, happiness and your own freedom.

The coming days is like entering a labyrinth, a labyrinth in time and space, in which you enter and you will have to follow your own path, tuning into where you need to be, together or on your own. So take enough time to communicate with each other, to let yourself be heard, to what you need and to what you feel you must do. And again, don’t hold back in this. Everyone has their own part and their own path to go and when you are open to this individual freedom, you can enjoy the company of the others. If you subject yourself to the group, then you lose your individual freedom and you feel imprisoned by the company.

These days are the story of death and rebirth. It is a rebirth of the light. So what is this light? This is the light of freedom. This is the light of really being human, incarnated. But before being born, you have to die. All the old structures, all your old thoughts, all your old feelings, the things you hold on to, have to die, because they are no longer valid, they are no longer appropriate.

So for today, make it a day of dying, a day of letting go. It is a very good day to do a letting go ritual, to really say out loud: this is what I no longer need in my life, this is what no longer serves me. All the things you have been carrying with you for days or for weeks or for years, you may let them go into the earth or burn them or let them go with the water.

So this is actually your first step into the labyrinth, this letting go of all that is no longer necessary.

But before all that, we want to invite you to go to the mermaid with the dubble tail, to pay your hommage and to enter deeper into the labyrinth. And for you, if you are wondering what this labyrinth is, the labyrinth is the symbol of this inner path, your inner path through life. You can only find this path by going inside to your own feelings, your own thoughts, your own impulses and by following those the labyrinth will become clear. It is not a labyrinth in the outside world. You can search in the outside world, but you will never find it, because it is a maze. A maze is confusing, a maze leads you into nothingness, whilst the innerpath leads you towards clarity, towards love, towards wisdom, towards freedom. Enjoy the days of Easter, of Ishtar, the great Goddess from ancient times, who was leading people to this place of being human.’

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