09.13 ITALY, Viterbo, Ancient Knowledge of the Etruscans

‘In ancient times there used to be an important sacred site on this place. It is below the surface. There was a well that went deep into the ground connected to the waters of the Earth. These waters brought healing and wisdom. On the square was the sacred Tree of Life. It was the place where the priests and the priestesses came together to confer about the future, about the changes in time. It was a very sacred place, because the knowledge here was about the existence of the culture. Het voortbestaan, voortbestaan van een cultuur.

They were reading the signs of life, but when the tree died, it was the time when the culture ended. They knew they would be conquered by the Romans, so they prepared everything to store their knowledge into the ground, so it wouldn’t be taken by the Roman culture. They prepared for their disappearance in time.

So for you it’s important to open up this cage, to open up this doorway, to release this ancient knowledge of the Etruscans. Of the Atlantean people who came here long, long ago, when they had to leave their own continent and sought refuge to live, and came into this area from Eritrea. Here is where they stored their sacred teachings. To be brought to the light, in this time of ending.

The Tree of Life contains the knowledge of the sacred feminine and the energetic system, the Merkabah, the Kabbalah of the human beings. It is the human being in its full energetic form. It is the Christ consciousness, it is the Christ body. But for the Christ energetic body to return, it needs to die. The personality needs to die. It is what you experience at the moment; when your personality dies and becomes one within the body of the four of you. You become part of a larger soul, of an ‘oversoul’. Your soul dissolves in the oversoul.

And thus you will be able to feel much more, to open up a larger field of wisdom. Because on your own you are not able to do that, you are not allowed to do that, because it is a too heavy energetic work for an individual physical body. You need each other to download the whole system, the whole full form of the Christ and of the feminine Christ, whose time has arrived.

Tempo arrivo di quisto feminino. So what you may do here is to just turn the square, turn the whole square around, like you did in Rome, and open the mechanism. Open the whole mechanism so the Tree of Life can bloom again and rise from the depths of the Earth with its roots deep in the ground. So it can reach out to the heavens. Open the square and turn it around. This is the movement, turn it around.’

(Viterbo, Piazza di Gesu, 05-04-12)

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