09.16 ITALY, Lago di Bolsena, Flavio: The Etruschi Warrior Monks

‘Bon giorno, my name is Flavio. I am a scribe of the old Etruscan order. I wrote down everything about our history. I worked in the temples for the priests and priestesses. I was just doing my work and I am sent here to you to transfer information and knowledge about our tradition. We were famous and known in later times, because of the order of warrior monks, the order of the Etruschi. They were very powerful, because they were in contact with spirit. They were guided by the priestesses of the temples, who held the power. They held the spiritual power that ruled and guided our people.

In our society each person was part of – you could say – an archetypal group of people. You had the feminine priestesses. You had the warrior monks. You had the people who made stuff. You had the farmers. So a couple of these groups. And you were taught to function in our society in these groups.

Now the relationship between the feminine priests and the warrior monks was very intimate. They worked together on a spiritual level. Where women were in touch with the mysteries of Mother Earth, with the animals and the power of the unseen worlds, the men acted this out. But there was a very intimate connection between the two. Without it our power would diminish.

So there was a great respect for the feminine and for the masculine in its pure form. This is what kept our society alive and thriving. We were coming from the ancient Atlantean tradition, from which we had all this wisdom.

But as times goes by, something happens to brothers. One from the same family, from the same tradition, got into a fight. He went away and started his own tribe on the river of the Tiber in Rome and from then on he started to attack the civilisation of the Etruschi. It was a time of betrayal. The power of the temples was destroyed. They attacked the feminine and thus the men were so diminished in their power, they couldn’t fight back.

This was a great grief to our people, because we knew that when they had destroyed the heart of the temple, our civilisation would end and the empire would take over. Because this grew, this dark force grew, and it was used in the empire for conquering, for force, for male force. For that they had to destroy the feminine. They killed the priestesses. They destroyed the books. They burned all of our historic records, which I feel very sorry for, because I did all this work. But it is a long time ago and I am here to give you this information, so that you can restore this ancient tradition of sacred male and sacred female.

Not all the books are destroyed, as usual. There is still information at the place you know now as the Vatican. The Vatican archives. There is some history of our people. So this dark power, the abuse of power you can say, was used by the Roman emperors, and later on this power was given to the Church. In this way it still conquers the spiritual earth. 

As you know, we are now at the moment of change. It is for you to open the heart again, to restore the temple of the heart, to restore the tradition of the feminine. The mountain is the temple. Cause here there was a physical temple, but the real temple was Mother Earth, was the nature itself. We were also in contact with that. It was a co-creation.

I still see the islands Bisentina. That was one of the most powerful places. That was one of the keys to the temple.’


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