09.19 ITALY, Vatican, Selma, Bringing the Heart into Italy

Message for Selma Zevenhuizen relating to her new book: The Queen of the Vatican.

‘It is all about bringing the heart back into the heart of the Vatican, into the heart of the people. This is desperately needed in a culture that was ruled by the masculine and still is ruled by the masculine both in politics as well as in religion, as in culture. And by focusing on Mathilda, you are able to plant the seed for many young women to walk a path to their feminine leadership, towards a leadership of the heart. 

So it is important to open the door for young people to connect to this ancient story of feminine leadership, in which both passion, loving and longing, and spirituality is of major importance. It’s the connection between the two, in direct lineage to the energy of Magdalene, who did the same with Christ, as Mathilda did for Gregor.

Apart from the knowledge, the wisdom of the Church, we need the intimacy, the love, the feminine wisdom to emerge, so they can become united again: the sacred union between the feminine and the masculine. You hold the key to open the gate, so that many people can follow the path of the heart into the labyrinth. 

Make it simple. For you it is just a matter of being there. You do not need to do a lot. Your presence is attracting the energies of other people to follow in your footsteps. This is what you have been doing: birthing the child of your book, so other people can follow the thread of Ariadne into the labyrinth.

Do you understand, that you now are the queen, sitting on the throne, allowing people to come to you. This is the major work you need to do in the coming time: to sit on your throne. Not going out to get people there, but allowing them to come to you. Because this is the feminine energy: it is seductive, receptive, it is opening, so they know where to go to.

So you hold the space and then the masculine can come to Konossa and bow his head. Not in humility, but in great compassion and surrender to the feminine. This ritual is going to work out itself again. 

The heads of states, the leaders of this world, will bow down their head to the Queen of the Vatican. They will be initiated into the great wisdom of the Great Mother. For this they need to come to the sacred temple of the feminine and bow their heads to the ground.’


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