09.24 ITALY, Florence, Lorenzo de Medici Ton hears the voice of Lorenzo de Medici:

‘There is this archetypal battle between the light and dark, between the artists and the writers and the freedom thinkers and the great institutions: the ones who yield power over others, who have this ancient archetype of the great dictators, who want to rule over others. And the freedom thinkers are individuals, who go against the grain and take their own decisions. It is David against Goliath. Don’t be afraid for this battle. Don’t be afraid to go into it, because there is a wave of freedom happening with it. And there are powers that support you. Great unseen powers. Also within banks and within institutions, there are people who support you to do the right thing. There is always a time to do the right thing, as Martin Luther King said. Don’t be afraid to oppose these powers, because you have a very strong support network of people and groups that are holding the space for you. If you do the battle, do it with joy and pleasure and keep your head up right.

That’s just what you need to do. Like Jesus throwing the money lenders out of the temple to make the temple clean again from old energies. Like we did in our time against the Roman Empire. We battled against the Roman Empire, this is why we built such a big gate at Porta Romana. It was against the Romans, to protect against the Roman invadors in our town in our time.

There are many secrets here in this town. Secrets that we kept, like the adoration of the magi and the adoration of the lady, which was Mary Magdalene. It was what we promoted during our time, both as bankers and as philosophers: to honour the feminine. That was the basis of the whole Renaissance, to show our Lady in all its forms, in paintings: the Venus
of Milo, the Mona Lisa. All these women were the same portrayal of the divine feminine. It is much misunderstood, but the divine feminine was our inspiration for all of our work, all of our art, all philosophical debates and for the renewed interest in the Roman and Greek times.

Go to the Battisterio, because there is the energy of renewal, of rebirth, of the Renaissance. Cleanse yourself with the water of the baptisterium. So you can get this information, the same information as we got.
It is not that you need to win the battle. All you need to do is to play the battle. Go into it! That’s where the solution is. It is not either/either or or/or, it is and/and. The other party also has to do its job, as well as you.’


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