09.22 ITALY, Florence, Santa Fiora, the Power of Flowering

‘It’s all about the power of flowering. It’s the lily. The lily is the symbol of the city of Florence. But it is also the symbol of the goddess of flowers, Fiora, from whom the city got her name Firenze. It’s this ancient flower that protects the birthing energy of nature, the renewal. Der Widerkunft, the Renaissance, and this is the energy that is needed in this time of change. This colorful energy of flowers that herald the new. It is a joyful occurrence, as flowers, to wipe away everything that has materialized in stone, that has become too heavy, too institutionalized. It needs to open up, so the true life can be celebrated again. It is really all about devotion, sending flowers, sending joy, the joy into the world. It is not a time for mourning. It is a time for joyful battle.
You opened a hole in the old temple of Santa Fiora. Now go into the church, into the key of Santa Reparata, which was the veneration place of the Goddess.’


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