10.13 FRANCE, Metz, The Order of Sacred Warriors

Tuning into the Templar Chapel in Metz, France.

‘Through the ages there have been holy warriors, sacred warriors, who fought from their heart to restore order in the kingdom. In this capital of Merovingian and later Carolingian descendants there were always men who gave themselves to a higher cause, who had heard the call of their heart and the call of the divine. In any form. Be it christian, be it Roman, be it Celtic. The outer circumstances of a society don’t matter. Because always underneath there is the sacred tradition of the heart and the warriors of the heart, who uphold the ethics and the sacred laws of the universe, which they feel in their heart.

It is this tradition that you are part of, in a long lineage from the Essenes, the Cathars, the Templars, the Free Massons, people who were striving to do good for a society, who brought in their stone to build a cathedral of love, or a temple of love.

It’s no coincidence that a young man called this afternoon to ask for guidance, to ask to be initiated, to be part of a tribe, and it’s you who have to take the leadership of this tribe. Both masculine and feminine.

Again, the society and the outer circumstances don’t matter. It is the inner drive, the inner call for the divine, especially in times of chaos and change, that brings people together to form an alliance. An alliance to serve the divine feminine and the divine masculine. It will start with a few, and it will grow into a thousand. Men and women who are committed to follow their soul path.

Put on your royal robes and crown and scepter, both of you. And become vsible for a world that looks for guidance. Do we need to say more? There are people waiting for you. People you know and people that don’t know you yet. But they will come, because they have heard the call. Shalom, salam, peace, vrede, serving humanity, whatever form, religion or race they are.’


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