10.12 FRANCE, Metz, The Kingdom of the Mediomatrici

Looking at a kind of gate and water fountain before the cathedral of Metz, France. Tuning into the hall under the cathedral.

‘Welcome to the party. This is one of the places of a doorway to the underworld, to the other world. It’s one of the sacred doors between the other world and this world. When you enter through this gate that you are both standing in front of, you enter the other world. It’s the world of the fairies, the druids, the magicians, the gestors, everything that is hidden from the eye but has a reality in another dimension, in an energetic dimension. It’s this world that has been lost to the eyes of human beings. By coming back here as the king and the queen of the woods, you are opening the gate again, so the party can start. The feast that has been long awaited, through eons and eons. Because there was a time when both worlds were connected. In a Merovingian time, when the kings and the queens were connected to the other world. They got their inspiration from this other dimension, to bring harmony between the two worlds, but also harmony between the people, and between human beings and nature.

So just by being here you start a new cycle, a new kingdom and queendom, a new center. Cause this is one of the axis mundi, one of the centers from which culture started to arise in the old times, on the island close to the river, this was a fertile ground for the coming together of many cultures, many tribes. It was the council of the wise women, the Mediomatrici, who advised the kings and held the space for this new-born civilisation to be born in the middle of Europe. What has become a battleground of borders, used to be the center, the heart of the European continent. So enjoy this place and come together in the heart.’


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