10.20 FRANCE, Foix, Create the Temple of the Mother

In Foix. Ton’s heart feels painful and closed. On the roundabout we see an art work, a statue of a woman who is holding the earth in her lap. She is sitting in a gate. We are tuning in to that picture that strikes us.

“Actually, you are in a gate, but it’s a gate of time. A gate is also like a barrier. You have to overcome the barrier, but it’s an inner barrier. It’s your own fears, your own demons or giants in your mind that block your view, so you cannot see the horizon in the future. That horizon is brightly shining. There’s a lot of light and colour and beauty waiting for you. But your view is blocked by your own projected difficulties.

So when you open the heart, you will see the way through the mountain range. It is like the road of the Moon, it’s an initiation through darkness, through difficulties, through letting go of all security and all known things. Falling into the unknown.

Are you ready to make a jump, not knowing where it will bring you?

So take these days and take this time here to stay in the gate. To observe the past, the present and the future. But don’t stay too long or you will not get out of the freeze. You take one step in and at a certain time take one step out. Otherwise you will get stuck in the gate.

Mother Earth is waiting to hold you, to nourish you, to comfort you and to create this bright new future.

Create a new Matri Mandir, the temple of the Mother. Make it shine so people can tune in to it and have a beacon of light that inspires them and guides them through this difficult time, to their new future.

Create the Matri Mandir, the temple of the Mother.”


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