11.16 BELGIUM, Orval, The Future of Europe

Ton and J. are focussing on the theme of the next men gathering.

‘You are at a crucial time in the history of Europe. There are two directions and one choice: will there be separation or will there be union. This union on this greater level you could call the grail. It’s about healing. There has been an economic union, a financial union, but not a soul union yet, and it is this energy that needs to be initiated or activated. You could say the knights of the grail are the ones to start this process, to bring the healing energies together from all the different countries. To respect each other’s differences and to focus on the oneness, which is beyond time and space. By coming together you help form this unity of all the different countries, and thus you can help the process of unification, which is crucial.

You know the results of separation, you have seen this in history over and over again. These are the powers of duality, struggle and war, that drive people away from each other. But in the heart of Europe, deeply hidden in the woods, lies the source from which a new fountain can flow into the world. You have to search deep to aim high.

Call the tribes together, call the ones who are working in this field, who are healers, who are wanderers, to form a sacred circle of union and healing. Call upon the warriors of the grail, the knights of the heart, to form a new round table.’

(Abdij van Orval, 03/04/2014)

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