11.25 BELGIUM, Tervuren, Shamans of Africa

Ton sees a gathering of shamans around the waters in Tervuren.

‘It is all about the black queen of Africa. It is this momentus power that is rising to the surface. All of the people in Africa are connected to this primordial force that is awakening in the whole continent. But the river Nile is like a golden thread of light through the continent that connects all the spiritual development of this place. It connects the different countries. It connects North with South. And Lake Tana (Ethiopia) is like the heart of it. It’s the cradle of civilization.

Connect the dots by going to the places of water, because the water brings the information and the spiritual wisdom that is needed in this time to open up to this new force of awakening. The water is like the birthing water for the new child to emerge. It is you who are in connection to the divine Mother, with the divine feminine, that know how to read the signs. To be led to places that your soul calls for. To open up old places of power, that have been lost in battles eons ago. Just by being there, by opening up your body, mind and spirit to the collective field and to the Mother Earth, you work as a homeopathic medecine for Africa. Through your humble presence and your connection together. You will make sure that the queen can return and take her place, so all the children of Africa find their power and their destination in life.’

(Ton: En nu zie ik opeens weer dat ondergrondse meer in die berg.)

(Tervuren, Afrikaans museum, 11/10/2018)

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