11.28 BELGIUM, Tervuren, The Magnolia

We are sitting in the Lodge and Ton is caught by the energy of the magnolia tree in the garden.

‘There is so much beauty and gentleness in the world. Yet your heavy emotions or worries can cloud your vision, so you can only see the duality, the problems, the clouds in front of the sun. But it’s your task to look beyond that, to look to the source, to look to the light, and know that after every winter a spring is coming, that after every despair there is hope, after every night there will be a new day, a new dawn. This is the energy of Saraswati, the divine principle that creates a new day, a new civilisation.

When you get entangled in the darkness of present day society, with its chaos and downfall, you will go down as well. It’s actually very important that you anchor yourself in the hope for the future, in the light beyond the darkness – to know that life will find a way, even if you cannot feel it at the moment.

Focus on this new paradise. Focus on the golden dawn, the golden society, that which comes after the downfall. Realise that the chaos is part of the healing process, because by letting things happen, by the destruction of the old paradigm and the debris that it causes, you will create space for the new forms to arise. Don’t worry about difficulties or obstacles, because I can see the light of day and feel the warmth of the sun that is rising in the East, to create beauty, to create love, to create wisdom. So just as raindrops fall from a leaf, touching it but not clinging to it, let your emotions drop and see the beauty of the flower that is opening.’


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