11.45 BELGIUM, Lier, Kiss the Soul Awake

We are in Lier, outside the town. Ton sees a kind of Leonardo da Vinci-like man before him, with a long beard, a kind of painter-artist-discoverer, someone he has seen earlier in different shapes and forms.

‘Life is a game or a piece of art through which the divine manifests itself. In colours, in speech, in feelings, in thoughts and in images and stories. It is through these stories that you will find yourself. Many people don’t read the signs, they don’t know how to live their life and so their soul is slumbering or sleeping. They are not awake. For them the world is a static machine, a dead environment. Through their own soullessness they create a soulless world. It’s a reflection of their inner destruction and sadness. More and more this world, this planet, starts to reflect the loss of soul in humanity.

So for a world to change, you can only change the energetic web of life through which the soul comes to life. You kiss the soul awake. This is your task, as it has been the task of many initiates before you in the same lineage and tradition of the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail is the symbol of healing awakening through the feminine. But then there comes a next stage, which is the masculine. It’s the sword of justice and truth, which brings clarity and consciousness into the world. So it’s these two parts that are necessary for the waking up of a world (water and air). Then it needs fire to bring inspiration and power to this movement. And the last point is earth, it needs grounding and persistence and strength to make things manifest in the outer world. And then, when the four elements are complete, the fifth element can come alive again, an inner power, the power of shakti or the soul that becomes visible and touchable.

Follow the artist’s way, follow the way of the magicians, follow the path of the fool, to enter this world full of soul and find the hidden key. Because this is what you are looking for. You are looking for the key, the eightfold key, to turn the clockwork of time which sets everything in motion.

Dagobert was one of a lineage and he left a treasure. Not a physical treasure, but an esotheric treasure of spiritual knowledge, to be revealed in these times, to be opened up and experienced through both of your lives, through both of your paths of inspiration.

Many blessings.’


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