11.46 BELGIUM, Mons, The Old Wisdom of the Belgian People

On the Marlet Place in Mons. We went up the hill, surrounded by the city. This city feels like a city that has been hurt by the war but is slowly reliving. But we can also feel a deep sadness, somewhere in history. It has been invaded several times, been bombarded in both world wars, and also harmed during the Spanish invasions, betrayed by Alva. The message is:

‘You have to look beyond all outer appearances, all stories, beyond the images and beyond history, because there is a stellar portal here. It connects several mountains, but the central portal is over here in this mountain where the old medieval castle was. Before that it was a druid temple, which focussed its energy from deep within the earth to the outer cosmos. It’s a portal of time. Time is of the essence. You could travel between time lines here, connect to different eons and centuries. So people who come here can travel through these times and connect to different ages, and find themselves in differend ages, because you live in different times at the same time. It’s like parallel realities that are all happening at the same time, but you experience them all linear in your history. But in essence everything is the same.

So when you travel through all the different timelines you find the same themes, over and over again: the disappearance of honesty and truth and the heart, which represents the King, the true King. The disappearance of the wisdom of the feminine, the goddess, the wise women, the witches, the wislez. So do you understand that you two represent those two energies, and by coming here and by connecting through the heart you open up again these themes, these archetypal themes of the priestess and the king. Which are so necessary to open the true wisdom and the heritage of the royal lineage. It was time and again ruled over by the military, by wars, by the army, and again this is being ruled and shaped by the NATO, who has their power from a military perspective, instead of from the heart.

In the temple used to be a planetarium, connecting to the stars, where the old priestesses and druids connected to the stellar constellations. They looked at the stars from here – just like in this old place of Dongola in Sudan. They could read the future and the past and thus find conclusions for the present. Now all this knowledge is forgotten and gone, but by being here you open up this old stellar portal and this place of planetary vision, and thus you bring back the old wisdom of the Belgian people.

It is not by coincidence that the skull of Dagobert is kept here. It contains the last remnants of the Merovingians, who were the royal lineage of the fisher kings, the sacred kings. But when Dagobert was killed, it was taken over by the militants, by treason, and the true heart was gone. Open up the treasure cave, the treasure chest, to bring back the heart, bring back the temple of the heart on top of Mons.’


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