12.03 USA, Sedona, Invitation of the Hopi 1

‘We’d like to say greetings to our fellow brothers and sisters, who are gathering around the sacred fire, to illuminate the world in this hour of darkness. Because that is what we perceive it to be, and it is so important to keep nourishing and being in delight with all your humour and qualities and capabilities. We are doing our work as you are doing yours. We honour you in your achievements and we are happy to make this connection.

We have been preparing in our lives, but also in the lives of our ancestors, for this meeting and co-operation. We are very joyful about it. And as you know, as we know, the darkness is only a metaphor to bring out the best in each of us. This time of tension is needed for a next jump in evolution, as we call it. Going from the fourth to the fifth world, as we are told in our tradition. This is what we were being prepared for. We understand that in your culture and tradition things are going a little differently, as we have noticed already.

Don’t worry about the past. We have had our share of learnings in this lifetime. Now it’s time to settle differences and to know we were working on the same path. We’re walking the same path and we’re working towards the same goal. That’s why we are constantly keeping you up to date about our work in progress and we are trying to communicate through this timeless and spaceless continuum. As we have been told by the ancestors, who are communicating with us on the same wave length.

There are waves rolling in the ocean at the moment that are becoming bigger and bigger. And it is of the outmost importance to enjoy the waves of change, to ride the waves of change, to welcome the waters of change. Instead of fighting them, or blocking the change.

As we have said before, we would like to welcome you to Turtle Island to join our gathering, to communicate with us and to get acquainted in the physical form. Our gathering is in January. So if you are able to come, you are really welcome, within your possibilities and logistical opportunities.

Time and space will bend around these moments of coming together, which are powerful in linear time. Because everything is created from these power points in time. Time space bends around according to the laws of the soul. This is what is happening in between the worlds; the physical laws of time and space no longer apply. It is purely the laws of the soul that are working at the moment and all physical laws will bend around them, will align with the soul laws.

So it is ritual space for a continuing time of three years. This means that you can go in the complete state of inner flow, because everything will follow from that. This is what you are been practicing for longer time now, and you are getting some experience in it. Follow the heart and the rest will follow. Honour the elements: fire, water, earth and air – and ether, through which we are communicating with eachother. From heart to heart. On our Mother Earth and all her inhabitants: species, plants, kingdoms, animal kingdoms, ether kingdoms, elemental kingdoms,and human kingdom.

Don’t worry about the things that are working against the progress, against the human evolution. They have lost their power. It is only in the outer appearance that they seem to have influence over people, over countries. Over money, over war. As long as we give them this influence, they are alive in the illusion that they are ruling the world. But the reality is: they aren’t. They are merely puppets on a string of the big changes that are happening, that are happening at hand.

So, leaders of the West, welcome to our tribes. Welcome to our gathering of different indian nations, different original tribes from across the planet. It is time to connect and to take a stand to work together, to take leadership on a global basis. Activating sacred sites, as you have been doing for the last twenty years or so. Revealing, feeling ancient knowledge.

Is there anything you would like to know from us? Is there anything we can help you with at the moment, from our perspective?’

Should we go to North America first and then to the south?

‘Our gathering is in the south, but we would recommend you to visit several places to really delve into the tradition of Turtle Island, get to know certain places from both north and south. Of course we know this is asking a lot of you in the practical sense. But be creative, nothing is impossible as we said. It’s all a matter of following the heart and the rest will bend around it. So this asks a lot of trust, nothing is impossible at the moment. This is what you really have to understand. It may be strange, but you have to stretch your minds, to thus make the impossible possible.

This is what we are told by our teachers and it’s just as big of a challenge for us as for you. We are also learning at the moment to expand our awareness. And communication like this is quite a new way for us to go far beyond our bounderies of culture and tribal consciousness, to get in contact with you. So for us that is stretching our mind as well, because we don’t really know who you are. You understand: that’s a certain stretching. Of course we can sense your presence, as you can sense ours through this communication, but still it is as if you are calling on the telephone with a stranger you haven’t seen yet, it would be interesting to meet face to face.

So make a journey of stepping stones. I can see Arizona, New Mexico, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru… Don’t worry about the money. We have already taken care of funds or something. Financial support will be coming towards you. How? This is a mere result of manifestation of the mind. So, just as we do it, use it. Because it is very flexible at the moment. Matter follows intend very quickly in this coming range of three years. Any last question?’

Is there any importance in who is travelling with who, or the combination of the group?

‘This is again a matter of the heart. We would recommend to travel with no more than twelve people. This makes it easier to move and you don’t have to be together all the time. You can have separate paths following or leading towards the same gathering.

It would be good to prepare with an ayahuasca ceremony beforehand. Here.

We are aware of the land you are on, this garden, and we are in contact through the communication, through the plant kingdom. We are aware that this sounds a little bit strange, but we communicate on different frequencies, as you could say. So we are also communicating with the awareness of the plants and the trees around you.

Mother Earth is calling. She has been calling from deep within, for a long time. It’s time her voice is being heard. Enjoy the nourishment of surrendering to the Great Mother. Take up your swords of wisdom t.o take a stand in the world. You are the Raiders of the Lost Ark. You are the Warriors of the Rose. You are the Templars of the Holy of Holies. Take your destination in your hands, because it is yours.’


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