12.07 USA, Sedona, Call of the Indians for Help

‘Dear brothers and sisters, from the tribe across the ocean we honour your presence and the work you do, which we have observed for a long time. We are in danger, in peril and we call out for help. It is not only for ourselves that we send out this message. It is for Mother Earth herself and all her inhabitants and species: plants and animals. Because if we disappear, nature disappears. We are the keepers of the secrets of the plant and animal kingdom.

All indigenous tribes are in danger of extinction at this moment. Because if nature is not honoured as it should be, we cannot live our lives in harmony with the Mother. But you cannot either. And although we know that this is the path you had to go, to ruin the surface of the Great Mother Earth, to exploit her, to use her for your own egoistic behaviour – no offence meant, but you know what we mean – we know you had to go this path and to learn the lesson.

It is in the end that we come together as one species, one human being, one tribe of humankind, all colours of the rainbow, to unite, to gather for the sacred ceremony during the zero point time. We would like to welcome you and to guide you to Turtle Island, both north and south. We will be there with you in spirit and in person, to help you remember, remember your task, remember your mission, remember where you’re coming from, a long long time ago. Because it is only in cocreation, in working together, that we can achieve what we are here for: to awaken humankind to its fullest potential, and that we are cocreators and children of the Great Spirit.

Don’t be afraid. Don’t hold yourself back. You have to walk your talk. It is your greatest desire and your greatest fulfilment. Be happy.’


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