13.08 SYRIA, Aleppo, Starportal for Cosmic Connection

‘May the proces of unlocking the divine secret begin. May the wheels of time open the portal between the stars and Mother Earth, the planet in the solar system which became your, our homebase when we first came here to this place, to land in Aleppo. It has been a landing place for interstellar traveling. Also now from another dimension we are with you to witness this new cosmic connection needed for the transformation of the Earth and humanity, in this critical hour before 2012, which is approaching rapidly at this moment.

We are here to let you know that we are with you, that we stand with you, that we connect to you through our hearts to your hearts, to the heart of the Great Mother. The Great Mother who is so much venerated in our souls. We are from a Federation of many peoples within the starsystems and we have been trying to connect to you in this time, because very soon you will be broadcasted live. Which means that the cover, the coverup, will be lifted from your eyes, from your hearts and from your conciousness.

Welcome to a higher vibration of being, a higher vibration of love. In which all the darkness will dissolve, because it is no longer necessary. We are with you to go through this time of immense change and transformation. By opening this stargate you will be able to connect to higher powers of wisdom, of beauty, of love and light. So your bodies will come in higher frequencies to be able to do the work you do: waking up people and letting them know that everything is going well in this process, even if it looks chaotic and sometimes destructive.

Know that you are not alone and that we are with you all the time. Connect to the Christ conciousness, to the energy of Christ. Connect to the love and protection of the Christ energy. And connect to the feminine, to the divine feminine, who is guiding us, to keep us grounded, nourished and safe.’


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