13.09 SYRIA, Aleppo, The Unity of Men and Gods

‘Go beyond your wildest dreams. Go back into the future. This is not your past. This is beyond time. When men and gods met and created a universe, a planet to live on, these were the homes of the gods to dwell in, to come and go. These were interstellar portals to other dimensions, completely destroyed remnants of ancient times, yet not within time.

You are in the illusion of a time bubble. And you are slowly ending the bubble, ending the illusion, when you will see that this is your own creation and that you are part of the Creator. You are the mixture of both man and God, fallen from wisdom, fallen from consciousness. But you will realize soon that you are both man and God.

Restore the feminine. Restore the temple of mankind, so the divine can incarnate within your physical being. The foundation of your civilization will be shaken to the roots, but it will make space for the divine connection to take place.

Aleppo is like a seed, an egg of fertility, of creative energy, that is ready to explode and come to life, and it will distort all rigid structures that you have created with the mind. Male and female, man and God, this is the ultimate duality to be brought into unity.

Go forth with courage, with joy and with our blessing, to crack the egg and to awaken the Goddess within. She is ready to dance the dance of life and death, because one doesn’t go without the other. Blessings.’


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