13.12 SYRIA, Aleppo, The Release of the Trauma

‘The temple of Göbekli tepe is a twin temple with the citadel of Aleppo. They are male and female, black and white. Where Aleppo is connected to the heavenly plane of Sirius, Göbekli tepe is connected to the heart of the Earth. 

While you have been activating the celestial powers in Syria, which have resulted in an uprising for freedom, in an uprising for justice, an uprising for humanity, the challenge or invitation for Göbekli tepe is to completely surrender. So all the children, who have been hurt, who are in pain, who are in fighting, can release their suffering. It is really about embracing everything: embracing the pain, embracing the sorrow, embracing suffering, embracing the dead, embracing the enemy.

So it is the feminine energy that is necessary for the release of all the trauma. This is not only the trauma of this last year, but it is a trauma for eons, of strive, of conquering, of feuds, of competition. This is really what is needed in this time: that everything is held in the embrace of the Big Mother. So people can release their fears and their pain. 

Both are needed: the warrior energy of the light of the Shamballah warriors, and the deep nourishment of and the surrender to the Great Mother, to the darkness – so it can return to where it came from. The great play is over. It is time for a new dawn, time for a new beginning. So creation can be ignited again.

This is what you have been waiting for, S., to start your creation. It is not only a personal creation. It is a collective creation of Mother Earth and nature. So broaden the scope of your task. As you can achieve much, by starting to create in alignment with the Great Mother, in aligment with nature.

Go into solitude in Jericho to make your connection, to make your deep connection to the Great Mother, because this is your Mother calling. It is her that you are being directed towards. Don’t forget your calling.’


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