19.02 GERMANY, Xanten, The Story of Siegfried

‘The story of Siegfried is the story of Germany. It is the psychological and mythological background of this huge European country, of Middle Earth. It is the battle between the northern countries and the southern. It is these two traditions that are struggling, mingling, and fighting each other – north and south. This is depicted in the story of Siegfried. It is not an easy battle, and it has been fought out in the Second World War, by destroying the Jews, who came from the south – the Roman culture.

It is a labyrinth in which you can only go deeper and deeper to find the core of the heart of Europe. Because this is what it’s all about: the forces of darkness, of evil, are growing again, to bring inbalance, to bring duality between north and south and between east and west. The battles in Ukraine, Sochi, Chechnyha, Russia are part of this growing menace in the east, where again forces of suppression and dictatorship are trying to rule the world. But also in the west forces of separation and duality are trying to gain ground, setting people up against each other, trying to create duality between people.

By unleashing the dragon and finding the treasure inside, which is the heart of Europe, this war can be evaded. It is a big choice between fighting and embracing, between war and love.

This is what you feel inside of you and between the two of you. Do you separate or do you unite? This doesn’t mean you have to give up your own identity, your own uniqueness, your own essence of male- and femalehood, but to share where you are and find common ground.

The divine way is a way of communion, of integration, of connecting, like all the colours of the rainbow, connected between heaven and earth.

The dragon can be seen as a menace, as a threat, but it’s only the reflection of your own anger, doubt, and darkness inside. It is not a reality. It is an illusion. But those who fight the illusion will find the treasure. And the treasure is the ‘nibelungenschatz’. The nibelungen is the old spiritual heritage of the old European kingdom, which was guarded by Dagobert and the Merovingian kings. It is this spiritual heritage that needs to be brought out into the light again, to unite Europe, so there will be a common future instead of war and separation.’


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