12.08 USA, Washington, Trump or the Signification of the Joker

‘Like in all card decks there is the Trump cards, all card decks have one special card, which is the Joker. The Joker can turn into any other card. It overrules the other cards, turns everything upside down. It changes the rules of the game. And this is exactly what the person of Trump is doing to the political system in the world. He is not a king but a joker, who mirrors our own reflections of kingship, our own mindset. It awakens in the best way our own kingship, our own authority, our own leadership.

Now the temptation is to fight against the person who is so clearly not a king at all. But there is no fighting against. There is only a fighting for. So to activate your own kingship you have to fight for your kingship, you have to take your position, take your roll. Perform your own task.

This is the invitation to everyone: to take your own position in the world. Be your own leader. Follow your own heart in what you have to do. Just like Trump took his place to show everyone the mirror. Now this is a serious game, so play it well and with humor. Bring the light in. Bring the true queendom and kingdom on Earth, by honoring your own heart. That’s the only thing you need to do.’


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