33.01 SWEDEN, Finnhamn, The Power of Stories

‘There is a new dawn. The winds of change have started heralding a new day and a new time. You are the bringers of that new time. You are the ones using the words, using the stories to make sense of this time of change, because the old myths and stories have guided you up to here. Mankind lived by some dominant stories and religions that had its function, but you are in the time of the new stories. To re-invent the origin of things. You have to go deep into yourself to know what life is all about, because the old stories will die. You can’t cling to them any more. You can’t hold on to a house that is burning and falling apart. So when you go back to the origin, you’ll come back to the elements of fire, water, air and earth, and you breathe life into it by using your words and using your inspiration.

This is your task: to sense deep into yourself, to find your source of wisdom and truth, which is very personal. It doesn’t need to be the same as anybody else’s truth. But from your truth and source of being, you translate that into the world and give a voice to it. Because people need those words. People need to make sense of things and they will recognize authenticity and truth. So when you tell your stories, make them very personal. Make them very much about you, because you are the universe. Everything that happens outside, happens inside as well.

It is this paradox that goes beyond any science or religion or theory. Because the universe and the reality of the world can only be experienced through you, through who you are. You are the receiver, but also the creator, and you are the public and the storyteller, as well as the story itself. You are the oath and the destination.

When this new day is coming, bring out your best story. Bring out that which has been simmering very deep inside you for a long, long time, maybe eons. But now it’s time to bring it to the surface, to let it shine into the world and say: this is my story, this is who I am and this is my contribution to mankind. By bringing your story, you inspire others to bring their stories and weave a whole new pattern of stories, that will define the future of the next generations to come.’


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