19.06 GERMANY, Echternach, The Resurrection of the Goddess

‘It is darkest just before dawn, when the moon goes down and the sun goes up. But both are in an eternal dance of light and dark, of day and night, of male and female, eternally connected to each other, playing out on an earthly scale.

You have to understand that your personal energies are connected to cosmic and archetypal energies. If you fail to do that, you will be entangled in your personal drama. It will take over. But as soon as you connect to the cosmic vibrations, there will be an opening. There will be death and rebirth. You will die in your personal feelings and thoughts, and the cosmic energies will flow in.

This is what has been happening during your journey through the land of the dragons, the land of fire, where everything you are still holding on to is burning to ashes, so the new can arise – the phoenix rising from the ashes.

You went into the darkest pits of the Catholic Church, where the power of the Goddess has been denied and maimed, and it is your task to bring the Goddess back to life. She who is giving life and taking life. If she cannot be there, the world will become empty, harsh and infertile. By honouring the Goddess, life will flow again into the world, rivers will start to flow, trees will blossom, and children will sing. It is this life-giving force that has been denied for so many ages, suppressed in women and in men, and it’s time that it’s being honoured again.

The oracle priestesses of Cybele, who had their northern temple in Echternach, were the keepers of the flame of wisdom, connecting Celtic wisdom of the earth and nature with the wisdom of the heart of the Christian tradition. But when Christianity took over and the Celtic wisdom was killed, things went out of balance. It is time for balance again between male and female, a marriage of the soul and the personality, and the return of feminine wisdom. Honour the temple of the Goddess and open the door to the source of eternal wisdom. She who has been suppressed may live again. This is the resurrection of the Goddess.’


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