20.01 IBIZA, Es Vedrà, The Lost Feminine

‘This is the place of the lost feminine. You can imagine that in ancient times the Goddess, the Mother Goddess or Mother Earth, was honoured in places of power all around the world. But as time went by, these places were forgotten, demolished, raped. It is an invitation to you as men to restore the honour of the feminine, to kiss the feminine awake, so she can blossom again, she can flourish. Just like you do with the ladies, with the women in your life who represent your goddess, who are a manifestation of the goddess to you.

You are the guardians of the temple of the feminine. By coming here you awaken this ancient wisdom of Mother Earth, that is so present on this island. This island was a place of dedication and transformation, an island of sacred sexuality. So people were initiated into their true power of creation. You are going to remember this power again. You have the ability to create – not only procreate, but truly create from this magical place inside your heart and inside your soul. By connecting with each other, like you did in the last two days, you are building a container through which this creation can happen.

Don’t underestimate the power you have when you connect with your heart. This is what it’s all about – heart of men is creating a container of love, which is needed in this time of change in the world. Because many things will be destroyed, will be gone, but the heart will go on. So nurture this heart, carry it, honor it in yourself and in each other. And know that whatever happens, you can always return to this sacred space of the heart.’


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