20.02 IBIZA, Ibiza, Mythological Reality

‘You are about to enter a process that is archetypal and universal. It is nothing personal. You have to play out a role in time and space – on this island of transformation, which is just a symbol for the process you are going through. It doesn’t have to do so much with this place, but with the archetypal energy that is stored here. That is connected to a change in time, or birth in time – the birthing of an energy that is about to come to the surface of Mother Earth. It’s a fiery energy, it’s the fire bird, it’s the phoenix of transformation, which heralds a new cycle of change.

So the group that is coming is called to go into a process, in which intuition is very important. You cannot change the other and you don’t need to ‘therapeutize’ the others, but you have to play your roles, each taking his own leadership in doing what he needs to do. Which may be internal work, it may be outer work – to go to places on the island. But you have to completely trust this process, trust each other in following the lead, and trust yourself in doing what you need to do. In doing this you create the container, an alchemistic container in which this process of alchemy can happen. It’s bringing water and fire together so the steam can arise.

Now the two of you hold the balance between earth – you, Peter – and air – you, Ton, the flying boy. So your contact is of major importance, to hold the container of love, of connection, through which the other elements, water and fire, can come together in the middle. All four elements are important, to create the fifth element, the element of ether – the unknown, the unseen, which is from beyond this dimension.

When that happens, this island becomes the doorway, the gateway for different energies, for higher energies to come into this planet. This doorway is connected to the planet Sirius, to the goddess of transformation, to Tanit, the ancient goddess of this island – which the ancient inhabitants honoured, because they were going through this same process. They were honouring the same process of the goddess wanting to arrive on the Earth. This is the place of the golden fire bird, spreading its wings. Calling for a new dawn, calling for connection between Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Calling for the birth from this womb of the Mediterranean Sea, connecting East and West.

Follow the path of the labyrinth, step by step. Look at the details. Follow your heart to the center of the labyrinth. And enjoy, because joy is leading you to the next steps.’


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