17.25 TURKEY, Sanliurfa, Göbekli Tepe

‘Göbekli Tepe was the temple of the Great Mother, heart of the Earth. She has been waiting for thousands of years, untill she will be recognized again, and honoured. This is your task: to go down, through the veil, through the seven gates of the underworld, following Inanna, to the old lady Ereshkigal. She has the keys, for the moment of the Venus transit, to open the portal of consciousness. She is the feminine counterpart of the sky goddess. Bow down to the ground, honour the Earth, honour the animals, honour the small beings.

This temple is connected to many places and civilisations all over the world. So when you are there, connect to them, invite them into your ceremony. One of these places is Jericho, temple of the moon goddess. Jerusalem, temple of the sun god. You will make an earthly constellation, mirroring the stars in the heavenly constellation. By doing this, the birth of consciousness can take place in human civilisation, at large.

Come, come my children, come my beloveds, I’ve been waiting for you, so long. Enjoy the journey, enjoy your difficulties, because they are part of your initiation into these deepest secrets of my body. Drink from my breasts, eat from my vulva, join my consciousness, because I want to be alive again within the hearts of people. I want to dance and to sing in the bodies of men and women and children, so a new age can start.

Be happy, for I am coming back and everything will flourish, abundance will come. Peace and blessings to you all.’


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