17.02 TURKIJE, Ararat, Into the Darkness

‘Your collective job was to enter the darkness. This is what you have experienced on a personal level, but also on a collective level. You had to go into the deepest layers of collective unconsciousness to release all the souls and all the energies that have been stuck there since eons. This was the work you had to do: to connect together and to go down into these deeper layers of unconsciousness. It is like entering a labyrinth and meeting the minotaure in the centre, the one who eats all life energy. But by facing the minotaure you have freed all souls, all energy.

Now it may be clear that this process is not easy and that it might be hurting you, or wounding you. But know that this is part of the work you have been doing, and that you can release this now. Because you are entering the stage of picking the fruits of the work you have done. After the entering of the labyrinth and the transformation, it is time to leave the labyrinth again and to go back to the light, go back to the surface. While you do this, you bring with you all that has been transformed and which has become an incredible power of transformation.

So be honoured, be proud of what you have done on a personal level and on a group level. Because this energy that is being released now is in service of the greater transformation in the Middle East and has a large influence on the world changes that are happening at this moment. Don’t hesitate. Don’t think of it as negative. Don’t look back in anger or sadness. It is done. And slowly, step by step, you will understand better and better the process you have been going through and the work that has been accomplished.’


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