17.04 TURKEY, Ararat, The Crystal Stones of Creation

Tuning into which stones we should take with us for the journey to Ararat.

‘First we would like to tell you that the whole journey is like the path into a labyrinth. So you move around, around and around, before you can enter the holy of holiest, in the mountain. But this journey which goes through land is also a journey in time. You have to go through layer upon layer upon layer of history, to delve deep into the source of humankind, where it all started. This is the point of creation. Creation took place in co-operation with the elementals, with the deva’s, with the fire beings, the water beings, the air beings and the earth beings, but also with the stones. The stones were keeping information about creation. Each stone has its specific resonance or frequency and stores certain information about the grid on earth. So when you put all the different stones together, the thirteen stones of creation, you have the whole spectrum of creative energies available.

Now this is part of your work, P., and the two of you, but specifically you: to bring the different energies of the stones in alignment.

Three stones, red, black and white, are symbolising the three ways of initiation. Black – the entrance into the underworld. White – the entrance to the upper world. Red – the entrance to the human world, the flesh and blood. Again the Trinity. You will work as the three of you in these three levels.

Then there are stones for each continent: Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia, North America, South America, and the North pole and the South pole.

So what we would like to suggest, is that – when you are close to the mountain – you do a stone constellation. That you bring the stones together and place them in a certain order, or circle, or field. So you will be sitting inside that field and connect to all the different energies. This will help your consciousness to raise to a higher vibration and to get in contact with the old knowledge of the archangels, the nephilim, who came here on earth to help develop humankind. Even if things were turning out very differently than they had expected, and duality and darkness came in.

While opening the doors to this other world, you will be in contact with all the other places where the veil is thin: Glastonbury, Aramu Muru doorway, Bali, Ayers Rock, Table Mountain, Kilimanjaro, and so many others. It is good to ask people to tune into these sacred places while you are doing your work around the Mother Mountain. Because these doors are all connected.

Specifically your work is to release the souls that have been imprisoned by pain, and fear, and war, and are unable to free themselves, because they are locked in between worlds. They cannot go to the light and the cannot come back to the earth plane, so they are in between. And because of their uncomfortable situation they cause a lot of damage. They infect, so to speak, other people by their negativity and their dis-ease. So part of your work is to release those souls, to free them and bring them to the light. This is part of opening the door, so they can move. We will talk later about the role of the nephilim, of the angels, the work that they did and the work you have to do in connection to them.’


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