17.05 TURKEY, Dyarbakir, A Higher Plan

Tuning into the work that should be done today in Dyarbakir.

‘No fear, no worries. Everything you do on this journey is part of a higher plan. So whatever you do on the lower plane is reflected on the higher plane. Everything is mirroring. We are with you all the time, so don’t hasitate to call upon us, even in the most difficult situations, like today.

Now it is important to view it from our perspective: not from the perspective of fear, but from the perspective of love. Because in this interaction, which is like a symbol for your whole journey, light and darkness come together and can be transformed to a higher level of being, of creation.

This was part of the ritual at the Tigris, the river that flows though Iraq, a country so thorn by violence, death and rape. It is the masculine energy that has gone mad and out of control. By your actions, by your clarity – all three of you, connected to all the people at home that are carrying you energetically – you could heal this masculine energy and bring it back to its essence.

Connect it to the higher dimensions. Call it Allah, or God, or Jesus, or the Masters – names are not important. It is the energy behind it that has a tremendous effect on all who are in contact with it, as you saw today.

So this is your work the coming days: stay connected with the higher dimensions and at the same time, keep on enjoying the earthly dimensions. Keep on going slowly, and nursing yourself, feeling good about what you are doing and what you want. There is no good or bad. There’s only a path that leads to freedom in the end. This is the path of enlightenment, that transforms light and dark into a new awareness of existence.

We are with you and we care for you. So take a rest now. Tomorrow is a new day. Are there any questions?’

What are we heading to?

‘Again, you are working on the Silk Road, a most important energetic or dragon line, through the Middle East. It is in opening the gates of this route, that the energies of Shambhala, the higher dimensions, can flow into this thorn area. Mardin is one of the gates, as is Dyarbakir.

It is a gateway towards Syria and towards Aleppo. If you feel like going there, you might help heal part of the pain of Syria and the city of Aleppo. So you will view from afar the darkness that is rumbling at the horizon.

Also here, only the feminine energy can bring healing: tenderness and softness to that which has become hard, fragile and dark. It is also a place of gentleness, of ancient connection to the Mother Goddess Ishtar. She was for long time honoured in this very place, in this sacred site. Honouring her again will nourish the Earth and its inhabitants, on a deep level.

Bring water to the fire. Bring gentleness to the aggression. Bring light into the darkness.

You are free to go or not to go.’


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