17.06 TURKEY, Diyarbakir, The Ancient Wisdom of Urartu

‘Urartu (now Armenia) was the last kingdom in which the ancient wisdom was preserved and acknowledged. You all have memories of the work that you did in this place and that is why we want to bring you there. You’re delving now deeper into the layers of history, into a time when the knowledge of the sacred geometry was still preserved, the knowledge of the dragon lines.

This was the time in which the kingship of Aslan, the sacred king, originates. The king and the queen were seen as the lion and lioness, representing divine kingship on Earth. Embodying the Christ principle, both male and female. They were holding the energy of the sacred flame, the sacred light. So all in their world was in harmony with the divine order. This was their work and this is the work you will do as well, to bring harmony back and open the doors to the old wisdom and knowledge hidden in the stones of ancient times. Hidden in the water. Hidden in the land. You have to go deep underground to bring back the knowledge of the sacred king and queen.

It is the divine marriage between the male and female that opens the door to this ancient knowledge. This is the next gate that you will have to open, after your journey through the land of southern Anatolia; the land of the Mothers, as you have heard. The Council of the Grandmothers were the wisdom keepers. They were advising the king and the queen about which way to follow and which action to take. They were holding the space, the doorway to another time, in which the consciousness of humankind was much higher and much more evolved. So they could tap into this knowledge and give their wisdom and counsel and their prophecies about the future. They knew that darkness and duality were going to set in. So they hid the knowledge, so it wouldn’t be abused.

Go down into the ground, connect to the Grandmothers, for they will guide you through this labyrinth of time, to bring you in contact with the elders of the Motherland, Urartu. You have defeated the dark angel of Diyarbakir, who holds the gate of this powerful city; city of stones and dreams, city of walls, and anger about past memories.

Is there anything you would like to ask or add?’

Are we ready now in Diyarbakir?

‘Not yet. You have to pay tribute to the church of Saint George and leave the gate on this side of the town. Follow the Silk Route to the East, connect to the Masters of Shambhala, because they are in contact with the council of the Grandmothers, and bring the prophecy to its completion. The prophecy of the return of the king and queen, beyond time and space. The prophecy of the return of the wisdom keepers. The prophecy of the return of the Jedi, the spiritual warriors. Let all stand up for peace, justice and truth, so the world will be a better place. End of transmission.’


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