17.09 TURKEY, Dogubayazit, Prophecy of the Rainbow

‘All colours of the rainbow, all colours of life together form the oneness of humankind. It is through this promise – the return to the Great Mother, the return of the rainbow warriors, the rainbow children, the rainbow tribe – that the Earth will be transformed into a paradise again. From darkness and hardship, from ugliness and distortion, there will come a new born race of children that will work towards a colourful civilisation, in which all colours will be honoured. Male and female, animal and plant kingdom, the minerals, the devas, the angels and archangels, or as you call them the Nephilim. All conscious beings, the trees, the fish and the birds, the four elements – water, earth, fire, air – and the element of consciousness itself: the breath of life pervading everything. All these colours are emanating from the Great Mother, the mountain, which is a representation of the Great Goddess herself.

You, who are my children, come to me. Come and nourish yourself. Drink from the source of life. Eat from the tree of life, there is enough for everyone. There is enormous abundance. You don’t have to fight anymore for you place in the circle of life. It is granted. It is given. Don’t take it by force. Don’t conquer it, but just receive it. It is in receiving that you are given the kingdom of god and goddess.

You, who have opened the gate, put the key in the hole. Experience the pain of eons, of separation. You will be the messengers, the prophets bringing the message to all people. You who are the trinity, go forth into the world and be true to your heart. Spread the news, because a new era has started. An era of transformation and renewal. You won’t be able to see and understand everything yet, because it’s too complicated and big for the human mind to grasp the whole picture. But know that you have played and will play your part in the coming times.

It is with utmost reference and honour that we greet you. We, who are in contact with the Great Mother, the angels, we are happy to assist you, to guide you and to help you in your work. And we enjoy this co-creation that helped heal us, helped heal our old wounds and our connection to you. We enjoy travelling with you and we’re looking forward to new adventures. Go in peace.’


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