17.07 TURKEY, Van, Portals of Lake Van

Tuning into the day to come, after a rather heavy night.

‘As we spoke before about the power of the trinities, this is still a major theme. It’s the three of you (Ton, Sandra and Peter), but it’s also the three of Jos, Erik and Judith. Joke, Kathleen and Marc. And it’s the three lakes: Lake Tana, Lake Van and Lake Bolsena. Being on the island makes a direct connection to the other places, to the other islands. The church connects to the church of Saint George in Lalibela. These are portals of earth lines which were used in ancient times to communicate and to travel energetically from place to place. From Europe to the Middle East to Africa. Visualise these three lakes and the mountains that go with them. The male and the female. Because this is part of the restoration of the earth grid which will balance things out.

You personally are still in a process of purification, cleansing and healing to prepare you for the great ritual on the mountain, connecting heaven and earth. The human world, the underworld and the divine world.

For today just take it easy. Take it slowly, go step by step and enjoy. Find the light in the darkness, find the joy with the three of you and inside yourself and in the world around you. This is what leads the way. The darkness is only there to confront you and mislead you, to take away your power. So your spiritual discipline is to stay in love, even in the midst of darkness. There’s always light behind the clouds.’


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